What can attract the attention of the right candidate to a job offer?


We know that salary is one of the most significant issues when taking on a new job. However, it is only sometimes available at the job publication stage. So what makes a job offer catch the eye of the right candidate?

There are several types of candidates. Depending on who you want to recruit, a different element in the job offer becomes the most important. We will write differently to representatives of various professional groups when looking for a specialist in a particular sector. Moreover, candidates with specific and desirable personality traits must be identified from a given group. This requires further modifications to the standard advertisement.

DIFFERENT EXPECTATIONS. If we are looking for highly ambitious candidates, it is worth highlighting the prestigious investments the employer has completed so far. If we are interested in someone who constantly wants to develop – we will emphasise opportunities to improve skills and acquire new knowledge. However, when we seek someone who ought to know or can do certain things – the “Requirements” become a priority part of the ad – it is worth highlighting them clearly.

During the recruitment process, several thousand of which we have already conducted since 2016, we encounter different situations, characters and expectations (both from the candidates and the employer). With such diversity, we know how to secure the ideal candidate for the employer.

Our ads are constantly modified and improved. We are relentless in our efforts to ensure that a published job offer attracts candidates who will best fit into the organisation’s culture while meeting the new employer’s expectations to the best of their ability.


What do you focus on when seeking a new job or creating a job offer for a new employee?