Effective methods for recruiting employees in 2023.


The result of an ill-considered recruitment strategy is often a shortage of valuable Candidates or an influx of random CVs. How do you effectively source job candidates in 2023? Where do you get workers with specific qualifications from? Read this article and find out more about modern recruitment methods.

Let’s clarify a critical point at the outset: there is no single, proven way to recruit employees. So if you want to reach suitable candidates, think first:

  • who is the target audience for your advertisements?
  • do you intend to recruit locally, nationwide or globally?
  • via which channels do you intend to reach your audience?
  • what budget do you intend to allocate to recruitment activities?
  • how will you analyse the effectiveness of the sources that generate CVs?

Only by analysing the above points can you make the right decisions and start recruiting effectively. Keep in mind that, in 2023, limiting a recruitment campaign to publishing a few adverts on popular job portals rarely yields satisfactory results. Such a routine action is akin to handing out leaflets to random passers-by. Then you have no guarantee that you are reaching the right audience!

So how do you reach valuable employees? The list of the most effective recruitment methods includes the following:

Personalised social media campaigns
One of the best recruitment tools is campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn. These are adverts targeted at specific audiences. You can select your target group in terms of location, age, industry, interests, education, etc. With a model candidate, you can design a campaign that will generate positive feedback. Through social media, you also reach out to people:

  • seldom visitors to advertising portals,
  • who have a permanent job but are open to new job offers.

With appealing posts, you draw the attention of your potential audience and encourage them to interact. A Facebook or LinkedIn campaign eliminates the need to wait for candidates to find your advertisement in a clutter of similar content; this content will find them on its own. By being active on social media, you gain an effective communication channel with qualified individuals.

Proprietary database of candidates
Where do you get valuable industry contacts from? For this purpose, it is also worth reaching out to your resources and database of candidates. Ready-made collections of CVs are most often available from recruitment agencies or HR departments of medium and large companies. The use of your databases produces quick and satisfactory results. How does it work?

  • candidates send their application documents, agreeing to receive information about current vacancies in line with their expectations,
  • the job offer mailing goes to the e-mail inbox of interested recipients,
  • candidates contact the advertiser for details.

A proprietary database of candidates gives employers ample opportunity to choose employees. Such an internal newsletter acts as a referral system and is another effective recruitment tool.

Network of LinkedIn contacts
One of the most underrated tools of modern recruitment is one’s network of LinkedIn contacts. This social network enables you to acquire and develop business acquaintances.

Building a network of contacts on LinkedIn is undoubtedly a challenging task. With a few or dozens of professionals in your circle of friends, you cannot run an effective recruitment campaign. When you have a network of several hundred or several thousand contacts, your chances of finding the right employee increase significantly.

You can specify exactly who you are looking for and send private messages to candidates with specific experience and qualifications.
Bear in mind that LinkedIn offers you various recruitment solutions. You can post the content of the job advert on your profile, your company’s website or in a thematic group. Recruiter Lite is also a recruitment support tool – try it out if you are looking for new methods of sourcing professionals.

Content strategy for advertising portals
Is it still prudent to post content on popular advertising portals in 2023? Of course, it is! However, if you do not want to waste time and money issuing fruitless adverts, plan your campaign thoroughly. Take advantage of training and discover:

  • how and where to post ads,
  • what their content and the title of the ads should look like,
  • which days (and hours) they are worth publishing.

Once you have thoroughly analysed the behaviour and needs of candidates looking for work, you will create a valuable, effective advert. And, most importantly, you won’t lose your budget on “shotgun” marketing activities.

Searching for employees is not an easy task. You must spend plenty of time and resources to find potential candidates and encourage them to apply for your offer. Opt for cutting-edge recruitment solutions such as in-house databases, networking, social media campaigns and ad content analytics.

The success of your campaign is contingent on the implementation of these activities.