5 mistakes made when sourcing Construction Workers.


Another failed attempt to find Construction Workers? Check to see if you are making these mistakes!

1. Your ad is incorrectly written – it is missing an accurate description of the job and the requirements as to the powers and competencies of the future Employee. The outcome? Candidates who apply do not meet your expectations. Your offer is unattractive because you do not list all the advantages of working for your company. You leave out essential issues for Candidates, such as location, the form of employment or benefits.

2. You don’t provide rates or even a salary range. Better financial conditions are one of the main reasons why Candidates decide to change jobs. Offers without a stated salary are often overlooked.

3. You take too little action to attract Candidates. The right advertisement, though important, is not enough to find a Construction Worker. If you have posted them on one portal, don’t expect a great response. The idea is to utilise only some available recruitment tools and optimise them for a specific offer.

4. You do not have enhanced social media activity. Many employers limit themselves to posting an advert on their fan page. This is clearly not enough. Successful recruitment requires a thoughtful advertising campaign. Being active in industry groups and local groups with job vacancies is also important. Finding a Construction Worker (even one who is not currently looking for a job) is also possible with a well-prepared recruiter profile and a proactive attitude on LinkedIn. This painstaking work really pays off.

5. You do not respond quickly enough to Candidate applications. In the case of Construction Workers, efficient contact with interested parties is vital. A candidate makes several or even more than a dozen calls to different Employers a day. Meanwhile, you are lost in a jumble of missed calls, unread text messages and emails. You forget the people who are still hesitant. Perhaps you lack the time (you have several other tasks on your mind!), patience or a modern recruitment system.

These seemingly trivial mistakes can derail your chances of finding a suitable Construction Worker. Change something in your recruitment, or let us help you by outsourcing it to us. Our recruitment tools and trusted networks, along with our multi-tracking, responsiveness, and industry knowledge and experience, make us exceptionally effective.